Fast Volumetric Imaging for Life Sciences

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The MAFIn project (Module for Aberration Correction and Fast Volumetric Imaging in a Light Sheet Fluorescence Microscope) aims to develop a robust and easy-to use modular device capable of fast volumetric imaging at high spatial resolution to be installed in existing light sheet fluorescence microscopes (LSFM).

For this, we combine LSFM with wavefront coding (WFC) techniques. WFC requires the use of a phase mask, which we create using an adaptive optics (AO) system. Therefore, the module will also be able to compensate for the aberration introduced by the system and by the sample itself. Since the phase mask reshapes the PSF, a deconvolution step is necessary to recover a useful image. A proof of concept has been experimentally demonstrated and validated in the context of the MESO-BRAIN project (

The priority of the project is the operability of the module by an inexperienced user. We plan to create an easy-to-use gaphical user interface as well as a deconvolution algortihm able to present information in real time in to allow easy monitoring of the experiments (

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